WordPress Security

WordPress is one the most common platform for most site. WordPress based websites provide variety of services like ecommerce portals, news sites, education, healthcare access etc. Infact more than 30% sites of global websites run on wordpress.

This percentage refers to million of sites on internet. Most of these sites accept personal information of users as well as credit card and other payment related data. Hence, a lot of cyber attackers try to hack websites to steal this information. Some of them also want to install ads on your site to make money.
Some common issues we see when a website is hacked:
  • Automatic Redirects. A user clicks on specific page and the site goes to other link
  • Presence of unknown code on the site’s backend
  • Ad pages appearing on your website’s header and footers.
  • Random pages appearing whenever someone access your website.
  • Rating and reviews for the drivers and the restaurants.
How can Invoked Functions Help?
We provide a wide range of WordPress Security services that ensures that your site is constantly running without any issues. Our service are conduced by a team of experienced wordpress developers and wordpress security experts.
Some of these services include:
  • Automatic Daily Backup
  • Daily Malware Scanning
  • Realtime Website Firewall
  • Login Protection
  • Website Hardening
  • More…(Available as part of proposals)
How does the WordPress Security service work?
Our service begins by installing some of the security related plugins on the site. We then scan your site for any known security issues. Our wordpress security expert will then suggest certain tweaks on your site. These can be carried out by you or our team. It might need developer access from your end. This is completely based on the code available on the website. Once the initial configuration is completed, our WordPress security experts continuously assess your site and ensure that no known issues crop up. Our services are available 8X5(8 Hours X 5 Week Days).
How much does it cost?
Our service includes the following
  • Commercial security and backup plugins for wordpress
  • Dedicated WordPress security experts who keep monitoring your site.
Please reach out to contact@invokedfunctions.com for details on the pricing.

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